The Secret of a Youtuber’s Success

There are people who appear out of nowhere and win the hearts of millions of people. We may say that Casey Neistat is one of those people. A few years ago, this talented guy was a totally unfamiliar face. Today, it is a successful filmmaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, a proud father and husband. He became known for his recordings on youtube. Youtube is a website that allow people (from all walks of life) to upload videos, about whatever topic they wish, from personal vlogs to personal finances – go to to find out more. But Casey’s videos are so addictive because of his story telling & editing.

In the beginning, Casey never finished high school and even in one of his videos he explained, in detail, what he was going through and what kind of problems he had to deal with. His career began with posting his movies every day on youtube. Soon many people started to follow him. Now he reached the figure of a million daily views on his youtube channel, and over 1 billion views in total, which is a remarkable success!

Also he has a good entrepreneurial spirit, because he and his partner Matt Hackett are founders of application, Beme. This application basically transfers what you see, in front of you: So a person starts recording after the mobile device is close to his/her chest (or any other surface). The person can not see what he/she is shooting, which is the essence of the application.

Recording stops when someone pulls the device away with which he/she was shooting. The purpose of the application is to move away from the fake images, fake profiles and presentations on social networks, so people can identify themselves as they are, without deceptions and embellishments.

The most charming fact about Casey is that he is not afraid to show his life on youtube and record all the important moments on camera – without filter & without embellishment. It’s no wonder that a large number of people follows him on daily basis, and that he is a huge youtube star.

Many try to emulate his creative style, as it has afforded him much acclaim – to the point where he is invited to entertainment venues throughout the world! So those who try to emulate his traveling style may go broke, as traveling to extravagant places can be very costly – leading to debts like diversified consulting collections on their credit report.

In one of his last interviews, Casey said that the purpose of life is not in the acquisition of vast material wealth, but in the way of how we spend the rest of our days. His motto consists in the fact that we do things that make us happy, regardless of what others think about it.

He also created campaigns for many famous companies, one of which is Nike . His unusual approach to business will be further explained in the following example: When Nike hired Casey to make a commercial product for Fuel Band (a device that monitors your activities), it was expected that he and his partner would make an amazing video that is in line with the motto ” Make It Count”.

But Nike did not count on how Casey and Max would spend their budget. Better than recording people carrying out day-to-day activities, they decided to take the money and go on a a trip around the world. They circled the planet for ten days, experienced crazy adventures, till all the money was completely spent.

They visited 16 cities in 13 countries, on 3 continents. The result is the travelogue video, Make It Count, which went viral (for 3 days it was viewed over a million times). Although the leaders of Nike company certainly expected something else, the end result of the campaign was nothing short of amazing! Casey singled Cairo as one of the cities that everyone should visit, if that is possible .

What can someone take away from Casey’s amazing exploits?

Answer: You should follow your instincts and try to be yourself, as much as possible.

Casey is a guy who has not finished high school, and by the standards of many he was not a person who had a brilliant future ahead of him. Still, his filmaking has become world renowned, and is recognized everywhere, as he trots the globe. With his unorthodox approach to life, his films and videos persistently captivate the imagination of millions of viewers. His path to success was not easy, and oftentimes, he shows this in his films, and he uses these moments to give his philosophical take on how he approaches life’s difficulties, like family, work, money, marriage and bills – like transworld system .



A family man who finds time for his wife and children, and successfully balances his businesses and private life – can serve to be an example for everyone. Someone who is not afraid to show their shortcomings, to talk about his failures, and share tips on how to get to reach goals, those kinds of people are now rare. Most of the people are trying to keep the secrets to living a successful life to themselves, but Casey is not like that.

Casey Neistat, famous youtube star, is definitely the person that, in every sense, deserves a radiant future!