Katt Williams: One of The Kings Of Laughter

Some of the people who put the ‘show’ in show business, are stand up comedians. If you are a person who’s bored with safe predictable humor, Katt Williams’ stand up makes for a great change of pace, as he shows you how it’s done. With a mixture of ‘ghetto fabulousness’ & political humor, Katt Williams is one of the most sought-after comedians whose delivery style alone, has left many audiences in stitches. When we talk about the best comedian who can make you laugh, even if you are feeling down, Katt Williams will always be at the top of the list.

Since the first time he entered show business, it was all eyes on him, as he showcased his fractured (yet humorous) take on the world, making people laugh, and, perhaps, reconsider their view on how the world works. In a bit about bill collectors, Katt jokes about feigning disappointment in missing a bill payment, yet (with the utmost sincerity) turns around to tell the collection agency that he will never ever pay them – ever. While this may be an experience that everyone wish they can relate to, www.DeletingDisputes.com/remove/fast can show you an easier way to deal with collection agencies.

Katt William is a multi-talented actor-comedian who was born on September 2, 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was raised in Dayton. Currently, he is residing in Los Angeles, California. One of the things that made him very successful and popular in the show business industry is, aside from being a great stand-up comedian, he also does rap music, and has done some acting in TV shows; has starred in a slew of movies and has done many of his own comedic TV specials. Like all comics, Katt had to start somewhere. So, his life is not the typical rags to riches story, because, at a young age, he had already started to perform comedy in his neighborhood, in Cincinnati.

He was able to hone his comedic delivery by consistently performing in the Chitlin Circuit (black night clubs), coast to coast. Way back in 1999, he became an established comic & started performing on stage. Katt Williams first live stage performance “Katt Williams Live: Let a Playa Play”, was eventually conducted in 2006. It was then followed by ‘The Pimp Chronicles, Pt.1’ (in which he first said his famous catch phrase: “..This sh-t right here n-gga..this sh-t right here n-gga?!!” He was then offered a movie role in 2007, which he personally titled ‘American Hustle’; this particular film had a lot of critical success, earning him a reputation as a great and mainstream comedian.

Kat Williams has had his downs, as well as ups – as he has had a few run-ins with the law. In another instant, he also has had his share of financial issues, where he had to pay a $4 million dollar tax debt – some of which had to be dismissed, because it was wrongfully charged to him. As an aside, anyone who finds themselves in a similar circumstance can go to www.DeletingDisputes.com/remove/quick to see how to remove any kind of debt that has been wrongfully charged to their credit report.

Overall, we can say that Katt has really been blessed over the past years. The successes in his life continued to rush towards him. In 2008, he released his 2nd HBO comedy special, titled ‘Its Pimpin’ Pimpin’’, the first one since his in 2006 show – ‘The Pimp Chronicles’. In his second HBO special, Katt Williams did more political stand up. Subsequently, for about 4 years he stopped doing stand up comedy. But in 2012, he returned to the industry and eventually did his 3rd comedy special, titled ‘Kattpacalypse’.

A lot of people were saddened when he announced in late 2012, that he was ending his stand up career, for good. A lot of speculations arose, one of which involved a bizarre incident in Seattle, that landed him to jail, but after 3 days, he announced that he was coming out of retirement – which (needless to say) left fans around the world confused. On late 2013, he was out for his “Growth Spurt” Tour. On 16th of August 2014, Katt Williams returned for his new HBO special “Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife”. Spike Lee, one of the industry’s great directors, had directed the event.

The number of HBO specials that Katt had over the past years, is testament of how multi-talented he is as an actor, rapper and stand-up comedian. In 2002, Katt Williams made his acting debut on the cop drama, NYPD blue; he gained popularity from the TV show Wild ‘n Out, where he appeared for a number of seasons. In 2003, he also appeared in the official music video of (wild n’ out colleague) Nick Cannon’s, Gigolo. In 2007, he was also voiced the character ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’, in The Boondocks cartoon series; in the video game, Grand Theft Auto IV, he played himself, as an on-stage stand-up comedian.

At this point in his career, Katt grew more political, talking more & more about the Illuminati – such that during an interview on September 3, 2015, he announced the name of his tour as, “The Conspiracy Theory”. In it, he talks about shadowy governments, the New World Order and global financial scams and the debt collection companies; he also talks about how his finances have become a target of the cabal. On a side note, for those that feel targeted by financial or credit agencies, http://www.deletingdisputes.com/remove can teach you how to use your rights to fight back.

Katt’s additional credits include, his appearance in numerous episodes of the show, ‘My Wife and Kids’, as Bobby Shaw. He was also the roast master of the popular comedy central roast of Flavor Flav. Despite the level of his celebrity, he never hesitates to play supporting roles in different films, such as the ‘Norbit’ and ‘First Sunday’. He was also widely recognized for playing the character, Money Mike, from Ice Cube’s, ‘Friday After Next’.