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Glozell: Behind The Laughter

Glozell Lyneette Simon , also known as Green, is a comedian in America (as well as YouTube personality) who is based in California. She was able to establish her own YouTube channel in hqdefault1the year 2008 – filled with song parodies, videos interviews and comedy about her life. Since February, 2015, her channel was able to reached over 4 million subscribers. She was able to obtain a limelight spot when her vlog talked about the meeting of Elijah Wood, which was mentioned by the actor during an interview, last 2011. Her success in media is quite a milestone, as she ascended to fame via – and is regarded as a great comedian for her skits & hijinx.

But behind the happy face, the parodies, the laughter from the videos she creates on her channel, is a woman who also struggle to have a baby (because infertility issues). Because her personality, as a comedian and as a happy person – she never consider it as a hinderance in making other people happy. Instead, Glozell take it as an opportunity to inspire other women who also experienced such problems. She keeps on making inspiring and empowering statements that will surely give hope to all women who also experience the same dilemma.

Brought by her positive outlook on life, she was still able to have a baby, thru surrogacy. It may not be Glozell who will bear the child for 9 months, but the genetic composition of the baby will definitely come from her. Truly, her perspective in life demonstrates to her viewers that you can still realize your dreams in life. This woman is not only a comedian who makes people laugh, but she is also a woman who empowers and inspires other people to start achieving positive outlook on life, while hoping for the best in life.

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