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The Brand New Heavies

The Brand New Heavies is a music group who is known for their instrumental acid jazz genre of music. It was 1985 when this group was formed in Ealing western part of London. They came up with Heavies as part of their group name after they have signed their first recording contract, upon borrowing from the liner note on the single of James Brown. As this group obtained cult following in London scene club, then soon signed with Cooltempo, this is the time when their acid jazz genre changed into rare groove in all clubs.

This band was able to issue their debut recording intended for Eddie Piller’s Acid Jazz labelled in 1990, together with Jay Ella Ruth as the lead singer. They were also able to sign in the division for Chrysalis Records and American distribution was considered thru the influential label, known as N’Dea Davenport and Delicious Vinyl. The Brand New Heavies had a revamped version on their first album, together with Davenport, that was released with the single, Never Stop – this song became hit. This shows how amazing their music and performance were to audiences.

Aside from that, this music group was able also to release Brother Sister, under the management of Ian McAndrew’s and Collin Lester’s Wildlife Entertainment. With the kind of music that The Brand New Heavies create for their fans, no one can deny the fact that they really infuse a very modern cool smooth jazz appeal to the music industry. This is why they also achieve the success of their career, while they continued to make music that put people in a sunny & upbeat space – remembering them as a one-of-a-kind music group. Their music is timeless, so there is no doubt they are still regarded today, as they were when they first hit the music scene.