The Secret of a Youtuber’s Success

There are people who appear out of nowhere and win the hearts of millions of people. We may say that Casey Neistat is one of those people. A few years ago, this talented guy was a totally unfamiliar face. Today, it is a successful filmmaker, entrepreneur, adventurer, a proud father and husband. He became known for his recordings on youtube. Youtube is a website that allow people (from all walks of life) to upload videos, about whatever topic they wish, from personal vlogs to personal finances – go to to find out more. But Casey’s videos are so addictive because of his story telling & editing.

In the beginning, Casey never finished high school and even in one of his videos he explained, in detail, what he was going through and what kind of problems he had to deal with. His career began with posting his movies every day on youtube. Soon many people started to follow him. Now he reached the figure of a million daily views on his youtube channel, and over 1 billion views in total, which is a remarkable success!

Also he has a good entrepreneurial spirit, because he and his partner Matt Hackett are founders of application, Beme. This application basically transfers what you see, in front of you: So a person starts recording after the mobile device is close to his/her chest (or any other surface). The person can not see what he/she is shooting, which is the essence of the application.

Recording stops when someone pulls the device away with which he/she was shooting. The purpose of the application is to move away from the fake images, fake profiles and presentations on social networks, so people can identify themselves as they are, without deceptions and embellishments.

The most charming fact about Casey is that he is not afraid to show his life on youtube and record all the important moments on camera – without filter & without embellishment. It’s no wonder that a large number of people follows him on daily basis, and that he is a huge youtube star.

Many try to emulate his creative style, as it has afforded him much acclaim – to the point where he is invited to entertainment venues throughout the world! So those who try to emulate his traveling style may go broke, as traveling to extravagant places can be very costly – leading to debts like diversified consulting collections on their credit report.

In one of his last interviews, Casey said that the purpose of life is not in the acquisition of vast material wealth, but in the way of how we spend the rest of our days. His motto consists in the fact that we do things that make us happy, regardless of what others think about it.

He also created campaigns for many famous companies, one of which is Nike . His unusual approach to business will be further explained in the following example: When Nike hired Casey to make a commercial product for Fuel Band (a device that monitors your activities), it was expected that he and his partner would make an amazing video that is in line with the motto ” Make It Count”.

But Nike did not count on how Casey and Max would spend their budget. Better than recording people carrying out day-to-day activities, they decided to take the money and go on a a trip around the world. They circled the planet for ten days, experienced crazy adventures, till all the money was completely spent.

They visited 16 cities in 13 countries, on 3 continents. The result is the travelogue video, Make It Count, which went viral (for 3 days it was viewed over a million times). Although the leaders of Nike company certainly expected something else, the end result of the campaign was nothing short of amazing! Casey singled Cairo as one of the cities that everyone should visit, if that is possible .

What can someone take away from Casey’s amazing exploits?

Answer: You should follow your instincts and try to be yourself, as much as possible.

Casey is a guy who has not finished high school, and by the standards of many he was not a person who had a brilliant future ahead of him. Still, his filmaking has become world renowned, and is recognized everywhere, as he trots the globe. With his unorthodox approach to life, his films and videos persistently captivate the imagination of millions of viewers. His path to success was not easy, and oftentimes, he shows this in his films, and he uses these moments to give his philosophical take on how he approaches life’s difficulties, like family, work, money, marriage and bills – like transworld system .



A family man who finds time for his wife and children, and successfully balances his businesses and private life – can serve to be an example for everyone. Someone who is not afraid to show their shortcomings, to talk about his failures, and share tips on how to get to reach goals, those kinds of people are now rare. Most of the people are trying to keep the secrets to living a successful life to themselves, but Casey is not like that.

Casey Neistat, famous youtube star, is definitely the person that, in every sense, deserves a radiant future!

How to Find Grants to Pay Off Bills

In this post, we’re going to switch it up a bit and give advice on how to pay some bills. If you are steeped in debt and looking for a solution, you are looking in the right direction. Debts usually spiral out of control and can be devastating for any family. Credit cards, shopping, medical expenses or any major bill can get you into debt that may take many years to completely pay off.

However, with the help of the government and other organizations, you can get aid in paying your debts with simple debt grants and other financial aid. Also, with the help of credit repair specialists, you can have some of those debts removed; or you can negotiate with debt collectors and set up a payment plan, like **.

Depending on who you talk to, you might get lots of different ideas on the best ways to pay off your debts. Many people will tell you that paying off your debt, by yourself, is a terrible approach. Though this is certainly the old-fashioned way of doing things, that does not make it the right way. In today’s world, many people have debt and a lot of them have gotten out of it by getting help from different sources. One of those sources is the federal government, by use of grants that are handed out money for a lot of different purposes.

Debt grants are allotted to help people recover from their financial crisis or for those who need help to cover bills. In most cases, those over 18 years can apply for a debt grant. Unlike other loans, debt grants do not require income verification, a good credit rating or the help of a guarantor, in most cases. Often times, various agencies do require different qualifications for applying to the debt relief grants. In many cases, people that have difficulty covering mortgage payments, outstanding expenses and credit card bills, apply for debt grants as they help to avoid bankruptcy.

There are programs that exist that can help you get out from underneath your pile of bills. With a little research, you can get someone else to help you pay off your bills! Debt grants should be used as a last resort. Use sites like , to help you address debt problems or debt collectors; but, if that fails, debt grants would be your next best option.

Determine what type of debt you want to pay off. Grants are not readily available for credit card debt relief. A loan consolidation may be more realistic. The best bet for relief from mortgage or rental debt, is the local credit union or bank.

Market yourself. It can be hard to find a grant program, but it is easier if you can find one that awards money according to specific requirements. There are grants available for single mothers, minorities, small business owners and the disabled – and these are just some of the groups that grants cater to.

Know where to find programs. There are many websites on the internet, specifically designed to help you obtain information about grants. Sites that end in ‘.gov’ are governmental websites and sites that end in ‘.com’ are commercial websites of companies designed to make a profit. Remember the difference when you are searching online.

One of the most stressful thing that we can go through is to have more debt than you can afford to pay, every month. You can start by going to **, to see if some of your debt can be deleted or removes (due to a mistake by creditors). If that fails, there are 3 other great ways for you to pay off your debt, and get yourself in a better financial situation.

First you need to make a list of the debt you currently have. Make sure that you list the lender and the interest they are charging you. Consolidating this debt into one easy to manage loan, can be a great way for you to save money on interest, as well as, pay off the debts, quickly.

Many people are unaware that they can qualify for a Government Grant that will help them get the money they need to pay off a debt. You need to search for a grant that fits your needs. There are services that can also help you find the right one to apply to, so there is help available to you – every step of the way.

Lastly, you need to get on a budget so that you do not increase the debt that you have. With a plan of action you can eliminate your debt and prevent yourself from getting into a bad financial situation, again.

Start the application process early. Many of these programs have deadlines that are in March or April. You need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your application in.

It is important to know that the Government gives away Grant Money, so that they can help people; and it also stimulates the economy, allowing people to spend more. The most important thing is that you want to learn the best ways you can apply and get qualified – to get the money that you need, to get out of debt (once and for all).

For most of us, it is getting harder to make ends meet, because it seems like our salaries are not keeping up with the rising price of gas and food. More of us are using credit cards to charge for things we need, and it creates a situation where we find ourselves more & more in debt – making it much harder to survive.


Glozell: Behind The Laughter

Glozell Lyneette Simon , also known as Green, is a comedian in America (as well as YouTube personality) who is based in California. She was able to establish her own YouTube channel in hqdefault1the year 2008 – filled with song parodies, videos interviews and comedy about her life. Since February, 2015, her channel was able to reached over 4 million subscribers. She was able to obtain a limelight spot when her vlog talked about the meeting of Elijah Wood, which was mentioned by the actor during an interview, last 2011. Her success in media is quite a milestone, as she ascended to fame via – and is regarded as a great comedian for her skits & hijinx.

But behind the happy face, the parodies, the laughter from the videos she creates on her channel, is a woman who also struggle to have a baby (because infertility issues). Because her personality, as a comedian and as a happy person – she never consider it as a hinderance in making other people happy. Instead, Glozell take it as an opportunity to inspire other women who also experienced such problems. She keeps on making inspiring and empowering statements that will surely give hope to all women who also experience the same dilemma.

Brought by her positive outlook on life, she was still able to have a baby, thru surrogacy. It may not be Glozell who will bear the child for 9 months, but the genetic composition of the baby will definitely come from her. Truly, her perspective in life demonstrates to her viewers that you can still realize your dreams in life. This woman is not only a comedian who makes people laugh, but she is also a woman who empowers and inspires other people to start achieving positive outlook on life, while hoping for the best in life.

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Katt Williams: One of The Kings Of Laughter

Some of the people who put the ‘show’ in show business, are stand up comedians. If you are a person who’s bored with safe predictable humor, Katt Williams’ stand up makes for a great change of pace, as he shows you how it’s done. With a mixture of ‘ghetto fabulousness’ & political humor, Katt Williams is one of the most sought-after comedians whose delivery style alone, has left many audiences in stitches. When we talk about the best comedian who can make you laugh, even if you are feeling down, Katt Williams will always be at the top of the list.

Since the first time he entered show business, it was all eyes on him, as he showcased his fractured (yet humorous) take on the world, making people laugh, and, perhaps, reconsider their view on how the world works. In a bit about bill collectors, Katt jokes about feigning disappointment in missing a bill payment, yet (with the utmost sincerity) turns around to tell the collection agency that he will never ever pay them – ever. While this may be an experience that everyone wish they can relate to, can show you an easier way to deal with collection agencies.

Katt William is a multi-talented actor-comedian who was born on September 2, 1973 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was raised in Dayton. Currently, he is residing in Los Angeles, California. One of the things that made him very successful and popular in the show business industry is, aside from being a great stand-up comedian, he also does rap music, and has done some acting in TV shows; has starred in a slew of movies and has done many of his own comedic TV specials. Like all comics, Katt had to start somewhere. So, his life is not the typical rags to riches story, because, at a young age, he had already started to perform comedy in his neighborhood, in Cincinnati.

He was able to hone his comedic delivery by consistently performing in the Chitlin Circuit (black night clubs), coast to coast. Way back in 1999, he became an established comic & started performing on stage. Katt Williams first live stage performance “Katt Williams Live: Let a Playa Play”, was eventually conducted in 2006. It was then followed by ‘The Pimp Chronicles, Pt.1’ (in which he first said his famous catch phrase: “..This sh-t right here n-gga..this sh-t right here n-gga?!!” He was then offered a movie role in 2007, which he personally titled ‘American Hustle’; this particular film had a lot of critical success, earning him a reputation as a great and mainstream comedian.

Kat Williams has had his downs, as well as ups – as he has had a few run-ins with the law. In another instant, he also has had his share of financial issues, where he had to pay a $4 million dollar tax debt – some of which had to be dismissed, because it was wrongfully charged to him. As an aside, anyone who finds themselves in a similar circumstance can go to to see how to remove any kind of debt that has been wrongfully charged to their credit report.

Overall, we can say that Katt has really been blessed over the past years. The successes in his life continued to rush towards him. In 2008, he released his 2nd HBO comedy special, titled ‘Its Pimpin’ Pimpin’’, the first one since his in 2006 show – ‘The Pimp Chronicles’. In his second HBO special, Katt Williams did more political stand up. Subsequently, for about 4 years he stopped doing stand up comedy. But in 2012, he returned to the industry and eventually did his 3rd comedy special, titled ‘Kattpacalypse’.

A lot of people were saddened when he announced in late 2012, that he was ending his stand up career, for good. A lot of speculations arose, one of which involved a bizarre incident in Seattle, that landed him to jail, but after 3 days, he announced that he was coming out of retirement – which (needless to say) left fans around the world confused. On late 2013, he was out for his “Growth Spurt” Tour. On 16th of August 2014, Katt Williams returned for his new HBO special “Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife”. Spike Lee, one of the industry’s great directors, had directed the event.

The number of HBO specials that Katt had over the past years, is testament of how multi-talented he is as an actor, rapper and stand-up comedian. In 2002, Katt Williams made his acting debut on the cop drama, NYPD blue; he gained popularity from the TV show Wild ‘n Out, where he appeared for a number of seasons. In 2003, he also appeared in the official music video of (wild n’ out colleague) Nick Cannon’s, Gigolo. In 2007, he was also voiced the character ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’, in The Boondocks cartoon series; in the video game, Grand Theft Auto IV, he played himself, as an on-stage stand-up comedian.

At this point in his career, Katt grew more political, talking more & more about the Illuminati – such that during an interview on September 3, 2015, he announced the name of his tour as, “The Conspiracy Theory”. In it, he talks about shadowy governments, the New World Order and global financial scams and the debt collection companies; he also talks about how his finances have become a target of the cabal. On a side note, for those that feel targeted by financial or credit agencies, can teach you how to use your rights to fight back.

Katt’s additional credits include, his appearance in numerous episodes of the show, ‘My Wife and Kids’, as Bobby Shaw. He was also the roast master of the popular comedy central roast of Flavor Flav. Despite the level of his celebrity, he never hesitates to play supporting roles in different films, such as the ‘Norbit’ and ‘First Sunday’. He was also widely recognized for playing the character, Money Mike, from Ice Cube’s, ‘Friday After Next’.

The Brand New Heavies

The Brand New Heavies is a music group who is known for their instrumental acid jazz genre of music. It was 1985 when this group was formed in Ealing western part of London. They came up with Heavies as part of their group name after they have signed their first recording contract, upon borrowing from the liner note on the single of James Brown. As this group obtained cult following in London scene club, then soon signed with Cooltempo, this is the time when their acid jazz genre changed into rare groove in all clubs.

This band was able to issue their debut recording intended for Eddie Piller’s Acid Jazz labelled in 1990, together with Jay Ella Ruth as the lead singer. They were also able to sign in the division for Chrysalis Records and American distribution was considered thru the influential label, known as N’Dea Davenport and Delicious Vinyl. The Brand New Heavies had a revamped version on their first album, together with Davenport, that was released with the single, Never Stop – this song became hit. This shows how amazing their music and performance were to audiences.

Aside from that, this music group was able also to release Brother Sister, under the management of Ian McAndrew’s and Collin Lester’s Wildlife Entertainment. With the kind of music that The Brand New Heavies create for their fans, no one can deny the fact that they really infuse a very modern cool smooth jazz appeal to the music industry. This is why they also achieve the success of their career, while they continued to make music that put people in a sunny & upbeat space – remembering them as a one-of-a-kind music group. Their music is timeless, so there is no doubt they are still regarded today, as they were when they first hit the music scene.